Foreign Language Teaching Methods - Professional development modules for foreign language instruction at the high-school and college levels.

CARLA website on pragmatics:

Simulated Oral Proficiency Exam (SOPE): - Provides a web-based testing format and platform in Flash for assessing oral proficiency in given speech acts.

International Pragmatics Association (IPRA):

NFLRC, U of Hawai`i


CASAS Competency List, CASAS, 1996.

English-as-a-Second-Language Handbook for Adult Education Instructors, California Department of Education, 1995 edition.

English-as-a Second-Language Model Standards for Adult Education Programs , California Department of Education,1992. .

CASAS and California ESL Model Standards - Correlating the two.

What Work Requires of Schools. A SCANS Report for America 2000, The Secretary’s Commission on Achieving Necessary Skills, U.S. Department of Labor, 1991.

Workshops/Online Training

Integrating Technology - -

We offer professional development workshop courses for teachers that include, Moodle for Teachers (Orientation, Beginners, Intermediate, Advanced and Teacher Administrators beginners and advanced levels), creating WebQuests, e-portfolios, blended learning, google docs for collaborative learning and research, academic writing, TESOL, Learning English Online (LEO), English grammar (LEGO), Blogging with Wordpress, Integrating technology for blended learning, facilitating online classes, and International Writing Exchange for high school and college students.

LAUSD Ad Ed Division Teacher Resources Page -

Online Professional Development for ESL Teachers

Instructional Technology Assistance Project Teacher Training Videos - Short (90 seconds to 20 minutes) streaming videos featuring classroom teachers demonstrating and talking about ways they integrate different types of technology in their classrooms. See videos on using interactive whiteboards, portable keyboards, computer-based projects, and the "English for All" video-based ESL multiskills program. New videos are produced regularly.

Teacher Training Online - Two self-contained training modules teachers can view and complete online. One module is on Family Literacy and the other is on Managing a SCANS-based Classroom. Both courses were developed by the California Adult Literacy Professional Development Project (CALPRO) and are free. Complete instructions for using the courses are found at the CALPRO website. (Must be currently employed by a California adult education agency that receives funding through the CA Dept. of Education, Adult Education Office.)

Selected ESL Links

OTAN - The Online Technical Assistance Network. A wealth of resources for ESL teachers including lesson plans, suggestions for using the Internet in the classroom, links to media and other resources, and innumerable articles on instruction and teaching. OTAN requires registration but the registration is free.

CALPRO - California Adult Literacy Professional Development Project. CALPRO has also developed an online resource guide for new ESL teachers. (Must be currently employed by a California adult education agency that receives funding through the CA Dept. of Education, Adult Education Office.) Click here for a direct link to CALPRO's ESL New Teacher Resource Guide.

CATESOL - California Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages:A nonprofit organization open to anyone concerned with the teaching of English as a second or foreign language. It is a state-level professional organization for ESL teachers affiliated with the international TESOL organization. Especially noteworthy are the statewide and regional conferences held each year.

CDLP- California Distance Learning Project. Adult Learning Activities for ESL students. A free website with reading, listening and comprehension activities based on real news stories adapted from KXTV Sacramento.

TESOL - Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages, Inc.: The international professional organization for ESL teachers.

California Adult Education Training (a clearinghouse) -